Here is a great guide for layouts when it comes to presenting your ideas.  Its vital to have a clear layout when communicating your ideas/experiments/imagery  – it helps to keep your work in order and when it comes to marking, its shows us the path you have followed clearly.  Print it out to guide you when presenting your C.P. or Set Task work.  You could also apply this to your other subject areas too.




Instagram is brilliant place to find professional and non professional artists who upload videos or pictures of artwork they have created.  Many of the artists you are introduced to in class may have an Instagram feed – try and find some of them.  Its interesting to see what they get up to on a day to day basis.

Ideally, you do need to download the app in order for you to search for people as the website version has no search option.  I think its an amazing piece of technology – seeing what people are doing around the world the same time as you and also great for photography inspiration.

Check out  feed.  She is an artist from Australia who creates fantastic photorealism pieces of art of popular culture.  Make sure you look at the videos as they give you an insight on various techniques when it comes to adding tone. Note how she always has the image she is working from in front of her. If she influences you, make sure you pay reference to her in your work.  She is not the only artist on there, try and find others who can help you with your art techniques.

Also have a look at the videos of Doll Memories . This feed will help you with paint or watercolour techniques.

I enjoy looking at the feed of the Photo Society.  The society is made up of contributing photographers to the National Geographic Magazine

Start to create your own feed with artwork you have created – be great to see!

Judgemeadow Pinterest Page

Don’t forget about the Judge Pinterest Page.  If you haven’t already signed up and followed the page make sure you do it as soon as possible – we will be regulary updating the Set Task Boards with images and artists’ which will hopefully help you develop your chosen starting point.

If you don’t want to sign up to Pinterest, you can still look at the Judgemeadow page on the Pinterest website.  Click here for the link.

I will also upload the PDF’s of the Set Task starting points from Pinterest soon.

Happy Pinning!

Wet Tissue

Great way to add colour and texture to your artwork.  All you need to do is glue the tissue paper on and spray with water.
Remember, the experiments need to relate to your artists; in this case Tim Marrs would be a good one.


Psychology of Colour

You may want to consider colour association when using colour –  try and work hand in hand with the theme/content as well.  I know it’s American but it can still help.  Print it out and stick it in your sketchbook.