Wet Tissue

Great way to add colour and texture to your artwork.  All you need to do is glue the tissue paper on and spray with water.
Remember, the experiments need to relate to your artists; in this case Tim Marrs would be a good one.


Coloured Pencils

Quick guide showing different mark making techniques which can be achieved with coloured pencils.  I will try to upload a video as soon as.


Half & Half












Need an inventive way of livening up your observational drawing?  Try the half photo half drawing approach.  All you need to do is use half of a photo and draw the other half – simple.

If you wanted to try a different approach, you could cut/take bits out of your photo and replace them with drawing.

This approach will also help you hit the experiment objective for your exam.


Christiane Feser

Christiane Feser likes to crumple bits of paper, especially paper with faces on them. He is interested in how the photo changes and the surface of the paper.

You could apply this technique to your own photos when you are experimenting with your ideas – then draw from your own crumpled photos.

Always pay reference to new artists in your sketchbooks; it helps us to understanod where you got your ideas from and also show us that you are developing your ideas. Try not to get too many papercuts when folding!

Milky Way

You have recently discovered that we can use tea and coffee when creating our artwork.  Did you know you can use milk to draw with.  Graphic Designer Kir Rostovsky recently produced an illustrated poster using milk and ironed over the drawing once dry – gradually the drawing starts to appear.  He explored the theme, ‘What if milk were forbidden in the USA’.

Some of you need to consider experimenting with various materials for your work.  However, it does need to be relevant to what you are looking at theme wise.

Follow the link to have a closer look.  www.behance.net/gallery/Milky-Way/3595975Image