Papercut’s from Petra Borner

My love of paper art is growing, especially when I look at Petra Borner’s portfolio of work.  Petra is an illustrator from Sweden who now lives in London.

Petra grew up in a family of doctors and secured her first commission (illustrating medical journals) through her surgeon mother, which might go some way to explaining why her work is so reminiscent of botanical diagrams in biology textbooks.

Petra’s principle subject is the flora and fauna of the natural world, which she creates using paper cut techniques so intricate and detailed that they scarcely look like they could be real.

Her client list includes Louis Vuitton, Ikea, Vogue and Jamie Oliver to name a few.  For more info, follow the link




I 💗 Paper Art

I love paper cutting, especially when it is done right.  Paper is such a versatile medium to use when creating artwork and the finishing is really interesting – the element of depth created from the shadow of the paper especially.  Our very own ArtInTheHeart poster was made out of paper!

Here are some great artists who use the medium amazingly.  Enjoy!

Owen Gildersleeve

Owen Gildersleeve


Owen Gildersleeve


Owen Gildersleeve


Hattie Newman for Grazia Magazine

Hattie Newman for GQ magazine

Hattie Newman for GQ magazine

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

New App – TwoDots

We recently had Professional illustrator Owen Davey deliver a talk to you guys through our Art Talk series. Owen was commissioned to create the illustrations for the new app game called TwoDots – very addictive! He did say he was working on a App but was not allowed to disclose any information during the talk.

It’s currently in the Best New Games section on ITunes and climbing high in games chart. Another great example of where a career in the creative industries can take you.




Geoff McFetridge

When I first saw these paintings I thought that they had been created on the computer using either Photoshop or Illustrator.  But in fact, they have been painted!

The painter looks at trivial scenes such as shadow cast on steps, humans from above, the shape of a hand behind a glass of water and creating simple patterns with the human form.

Visit his website for further information

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You may think I am getting slightly obsessed with the theme of Headdress but the photography of two brothers Amit and Naroop really fits in well with the theme.  They have looked at the iconic turban worn by Sikh men.

The photograph’s explore various sikhs wearing the turban from watchmakers to polo players and give the viewer understanding of how the sikh faith is interpreted and adapted by these different sikhs.  You could apply this idea to other faiths as well or the way certain fashions are worn by people.

Visit their website for more information.  You may also get inspiration for your Ao3 work with regards to composition and general inspiration


Gurbir Singh – Polo Player


Narvir Singh – Filmmaker


Balbir Singh – Temple Volunteer


Chaz Singh Fliy – Creative Director


Daljit Singh Plahe – Watchmaker




Those of you who are looking at Headdress for your Set Task maybe interested in the photograpghs of J.D. Okhai Ojeikere.  He produced a series of work based on Nigerian hairstyles called Hairstyles.  The photographer took photos of intricate hair-dos of African women taken at work, social engagements and in the streets of Lagos.

These photo’s may inspire your half term AO3 homework by taking photograpghs of people with various hairstyles.


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People Blocks

Andy Rementer is a an artist from America.  He creates colourful and playful pieces of artwork based on everyday events.  He has quite an impressive list of clients such as The New York Times, MTV and Warner Bros.

The artist uses a variety of materials to create his work ranging from ink, gouache, digital to his latest work where he has used wood.  His latest series, People Blocks has seen him change his illustrations in to 3D – they are interchangable where different body parts can be placed on top of one another.

Check out his website for further inspiration

Keywords: fragments, human, shape, broken, abstract, fun, weave, pattern.





Changing Faces

Great inspiration with the images attached if you are looking to develop your portrait work for your controlled portfolio.

Use old/new photos to make new compositions or develop your theme further when it comes to portraiture.  There is also an example of an A Level sketchbook page showing you how you can pay reference to the artists’/techniques to develop your work.

Keywords:  Distortion; Change; Emotion; Expression; Mulitple Personalities; Movement; Disguise; Illness


Painting by Jeremy Olson


David Hockney – Mother (1985)



Elia Illustration


Portrait of Lionel Messi


Progressive Abstraction/Pixelization


Jane Radstrom


A Level Art Sketchbook Example