SET TASK Ao3 Record – Photography Inspiration Pt1

Even though the example given below is a A level sketchbook, the general way of generating prep work is near enough the same.  The theme for the project was Distortion and the student was awarded 100% through their simple exploration and high quality studies.  I thought I would show you the whole process of her prep work as you will have to do the same thing.

The photograph’s are of a very high level as the student was also studying A level photography and used traditional methods of photography.  But this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same quality imagery (read the photography hints and tips post that will be up soon).  The student paid reference to her artists who influenced her initial theme and photography – remember do this as well when taking your photographs.


Photographs exploring the theme of Distortion


Experimentation with pencil and paint with further photographs


Charcoal studies to achieve the layers from the initial photographs


Further experimentation with colour and materials which relate to the artist research


Final idea development