A03 and A03 – Compositions for final outcome

You are now at the point where you need to bring all your ideas and artists together to come up with a final outcome.

Creating compositions is very important part of the developmental process when it comes to your work – it helps you and the marker understand where your work has got to and how you have summarised your theme.

Just coming up with a page of compositions and then creating a small mock piece to show your experimentation techniques will help you gain the marks you need in order to achieve the grade you want .

Take a look at the example below – if you work this way, there will be no problems!!


Fantastic example of composition development. There is enough annotation to explain what their thought process is. Also, the drawing is of high quality – this still counts if you are creating small compositions.


This a final outcome. The two images below show the process with how the student came up with the final composition, along with colour combinations which reflected their theme of Natural Forms