Story Telling


Jon McNaught

Here are some examples of artworks/illustrations based around comics or video games.  These are a good reference point for some of you if you are looking to tell some sort of story with your theme.

 Consider the layout, use of text, body language/expression or colour of the artworks – this could help you with your own work.  Remember photos – pay reference to the work below to help you think of new ideas to develop your composition and photography skills.  Lighting is key; you could take photo’s in the Drama studio or use lighting at home to get the dramatic effect seen in the artwork below.  Also consider camera angles when taking photos – if you are wanting to get a dramatic effect, look at the IronMan and Batman example.


Solar flare narrative illustration by Senor Salme for Wired – Synergy Art


Deadpool card art by Francesco Mattina from “Marvel War of Heroes”


Batman by Dave Rapoza


Vintage Comic – Pop Art