Wet Tissue

Great way to add colour and texture to your artwork.  All you need to do is glue the tissue paper on and spray with water.
Remember, the experiments need to relate to your artists; in this case Tim Marrs would be a good one.


Psychology of Colour

You may want to consider colour association when using colour –  try and work hand in hand with the theme/content as well.  I know it’s American but it can still help.  Print it out and stick it in your sketchbook.


Changing Faces

Great inspiration with the images attached if you are looking to develop your portrait work for your controlled portfolio.

Use old/new photos to make new compositions or develop your theme further when it comes to portraiture.  There is also an example of an A Level sketchbook page showing you how you can pay reference to the artists’/techniques to develop your work.

Keywords:  Distortion; Change; Emotion; Expression; Mulitple Personalities; Movement; Disguise; Illness


Painting by Jeremy Olson


David Hockney – Mother (1985)



Elia Illustration


Portrait of Lionel Messi


Progressive Abstraction/Pixelization


Jane Radstrom


A Level Art Sketchbook Example

Story Telling


Jon McNaught

Here are some examples of artworks/illustrations based around comics or video games.  These are a good reference point for some of you if you are looking to tell some sort of story with your theme.

 Consider the layout, use of text, body language/expression or colour of the artworks – this could help you with your own work.  Remember photos – pay reference to the work below to help you think of new ideas to develop your composition and photography skills.  Lighting is key; you could take photo’s in the Drama studio or use lighting at home to get the dramatic effect seen in the artwork below.  Also consider camera angles when taking photos – if you are wanting to get a dramatic effect, look at the IronMan and Batman example.


Solar flare narrative illustration by Senor Salme for Wired – Synergy Art


Deadpool card art by Francesco Mattina from “Marvel War of Heroes”


Batman by Dave Rapoza


Vintage Comic – Pop Art