Grrr Part 2

Hybrid animals – interesting and fun way of looking at the theme of identity.  You could use the following as inspiration when taking photos for AO3 – take photos of animals and people.  Print them out, cut them up and paste them together to make your own hybrid.image7


Michael McConnell


Nicholas Di Genova


Debra Broz

Grrr Part 1

Here are some example layouts of drawings where the animal theme has been explored.  Many of you still need to develop AO1 (Develop) and AO3 (Record) in your prep work.  Continue to produce observational drawings using pencil tone, coloured pencils or biro.  Consider the layout of your sketchbook page.  Remember those marks needed to get the grade you want.





Himi Kozue

How Video Games Changed the World


Tune into Channel 4 this saturday at 9pm to watch TV programme about videogames.  How Video Games Changed  the World explores the history of the videogame and how it has impacted us now.

You don’t have to pay reference to just artists’ when developing ideas for your work – music, film, TV or anything which relates to your theme can help develop ideas.  Remember to reference other influences in your work.  Happy watching!


Some of you are looking at personal objects that are linked to your identity, such as perfume bottles or beauty products.  Take a look at the following pieces of artwork to help inspire you with regards to compostion, techniques or colours.

Google the artists’ names to help you get further inpsiration – try not to rely just on these examples.

image.jpeg per

Ros Shiers

imaper ge

Ros Shiers



Hannah Lou Illustration


Daniel Egneus


Sunny Gu

Izziyana Suhaimi

If you fancy practising your needle work skills take inspiration from Singapore born Izziyana Suhaimi.

Izziyana hand draw’s her portraits, uses watercolours to add colour and then picks up her thread and needle.  She then embroiders details like a beanie or a tapestry-covered cardigan.   Izziyana is interested in modern culture and loves the countless hours it takes to make her works.

If you don’t like the idea of using a needle or thread, you could use coloured paper to add patterned detail or even paint like acrylic or emulsion.

You can see more of Izziyana’s work on her tumblr