Mark Powell

Mark Powell likes to draw on vintage materials such as envelopes, newspaper or old bits of music score.  He uses a biro (if you haven’t noticed already, I love artwork where biro has been used) to create his intricate drawings of random people.

The reason for drawing on antique material is Powell finds it interesting – he tries to connect the material to the portrait.  For example, he found a WW1 envelope from a soldier who didn’t managed to send it to his loved ones; Powell then drew his interpretation of what the solider may have looked like.

This is a really interesting way of working – connecting your material with the theme you are looking at.  If your artwork is based on music, use sheet music or CD’s to draw/paint on.  If you are drawing a portrait of your dad, draw on one of his letters which has come through the post (ask permission first!).

Follow the link to have a read of an interview he did for the Huffington Post.