Say What? Annotate

Annotation is key a tool to use when developing ideas, photos or explaining to your teacher what you are doing.

You do not need to write reems and reems of notes, just simple and straight to the point.  All you need to do is explain and give reason to everything you are doing.

Benefits of annotating:

  • Explains what you are doing with regards to ideas, techniques and experiments – this can help you gain extra marks.
  • Allows the examiner to understand what your are doing with your work.
  • Gives you a clearer understanding of what you are doing and what the next stages are to your work.

Professional creatives use annotation within their work – its not just a school thing.  So its good to get in to the habit of doing it now.

Pay reference to the examples below.  They’re really good.  They can also help you with your observational drawing as well.


Untitled-1 copyUntitled-2