Inspiration – Websites, Blogs, Social Networks

As well as visiting galleries, cultural events and looking through creative books to gain inspiration for you at school and for myself; I also look at various websites on the internet.  Its really important to keep up to date with current trends as this will help you with your own work.

Here are a few sites which you should visit on a regular basis. – online UK magazine showcasing the up and coming creative minds as well as your more traditional work.  They also have a section on what’s on around the UK. – one of my favourites which I have been using for the past two years. This is a social network site orginally from America.  You will not get access to it at school due to it being a social network site.  People ‘pin’ everyday things they are interested in.  Its great to find GCSE examples and new artists. – photography website where amateur and professional photographers upload their images.  Good to look through for compositional ideas. – another great site showcasing various artists from across the world. – find videos on artist talks or research new techniques. – website of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. – website for the National Gallery in London.

I will keep updating you with new sites when I find them.
You should try and find something new everyday.