Papercut’s from Petra Borner

My love of paper art is growing, especially when I look at Petra Borner’s portfolio of work.  Petra is an illustrator from Sweden who now lives in London.

Petra grew up in a family of doctors and secured her first commission (illustrating medical journals) through her surgeon mother, which might go some way to explaining why her work is so reminiscent of botanical diagrams in biology textbooks.

Petra’s principle subject is the flora and fauna of the natural world, which she creates using paper cut techniques so intricate and detailed that they scarcely look like they could be real.

Her client list includes Louis Vuitton, Ikea, Vogue and Jamie Oliver to name a few.  For more info, follow the link





Here are the images for the circle maps you created in class.  If you decide to change your mind about which theme you want to do, that’s ok – you are better off doing this now rather than in a few weeks time.  Make sure you tell MIss Lakha or myself.

Describe why you have chosen your theme and how you may develop it (annotate).   Look at Grade Descriptor sheet to help you as well.  Remember, each Assessment Objective (AO) has been broken down for you and it acts as a guide telling what an A, C and E looks like for each activity.

Consider presentation – there are loads of examples on the blog.  Try to not spend ages on the presentation element.  

Click on the photos to see a bigger version.

DSCF1542 DSCF1543 DSCF1544 DSCF1545DSCF1546


I 💗 Paper Art

I love paper cutting, especially when it is done right.  Paper is such a versatile medium to use when creating artwork and the finishing is really interesting – the element of depth created from the shadow of the paper especially.  Our very own ArtInTheHeart poster was made out of paper!

Here are some great artists who use the medium amazingly.  Enjoy!

Owen Gildersleeve

Owen Gildersleeve


Owen Gildersleeve


Owen Gildersleeve


Hattie Newman for Grazia Magazine

Hattie Newman for GQ magazine

Hattie Newman for GQ magazine

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

New App – TwoDots

We recently had Professional illustrator Owen Davey deliver a talk to you guys through our Art Talk series. Owen was commissioned to create the illustrations for the new app game called TwoDots – very addictive! He did say he was working on a App but was not allowed to disclose any information during the talk.

It’s currently in the Best New Games section on ITunes and climbing high in games chart. Another great example of where a career in the creative industries can take you.





Here is a an extract from an A Level Portfolio basedon the theme of Identity. You can composition ideas for a final piece. Remember what I said about creating a mini final piece for your Set Task – this ensures you know what you are doing with your final outcome and that you are confident with the materials you are using.

The student artwork was taken from the Student Art Guide – a brilliant website showcasing GCSE and A Level Art coursework from around the world.



Photography: Boogie

Serbian street photographer Boogie documents the gritty and corrupt lives of gang members and drug addicts.  Some photos are quite extreme, showing drug users taking drugs.

He travels around the world to take these amazing images.  Take a look at his website –

Your Figures in the City work needs to have some sort of narrative to it – you could look at gangs or issues facing young people today.

Set up scenes when taking your photos – this helps you get the marks you need to get the grade you want!

ist4 Picture%208 untitled boogie-nyc-02 PoQ8m Boogie-Documentary-Photographer-Photography-2

Photography: Jesse Wright



This amazing street photographer lives and works in New York. He has a degree in Biology and a Masters in Bacterial Genetics.

His photographs are beautiful to look at and you could really pay reference to his work to help you develop your photography skills.

Any photographer who manages to turn everyday objects or situations in to a piece of artwork that you cannot stop looking at is VERY talented.

Visit his website




image4 image5 image6 image3 image1


Geoff McFetridge

When I first saw these paintings I thought that they had been created on the computer using either Photoshop or Illustrator.  But in fact, they have been painted!

The painter looks at trivial scenes such as shadow cast on steps, humans from above, the shape of a hand behind a glass of water and creating simple patterns with the human form.

Visit his website for further information

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Art Talks – Aardman Animations

We are very lucky to have Gavin Strange, Senior Designer from Aardman Animations (Wallace and Gromit makers) delivering the first talk in the Art Talks series. He will be ‘in’ the classroom via Skype.

Get your questions ready for Tuesday 18th March.  Don’t be late, the talk starts at 3.15pm in Ar2.

key_art_aardman-1 wallaceandgromit_2404081k


Here is a great guide for layouts when it comes to presenting your ideas.  Its vital to have a clear layout when communicating your ideas/experiments/imagery  – it helps to keep your work in order and when it comes to marking, its shows us the path you have followed clearly.  Print it out to guide you when presenting your C.P. or Set Task work.  You could also apply this to your other subject areas too.